This template comes standard with event pictures as a background, but these images can be changed to fit your visual needs.


The template options have been formatted for both standard (4:3) and widescreen (16:9) sizes. Check to see which screen format you will be presenting on before choosing a template size.


It is recommended that typeface Century Gothic to be used for PowerPoint in order to reduce display problems. If the typeface Century Gothic is unavailable/ unsuitable for use in that particular presentation, please substitute with typeface Arial.


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AeU PPT Template



Brand Identity Guidelines


The Brand Identity Guide provides general guidelines for the visual and verbal articulation of AeU brand, as well as specific directions for the application of our logo in all our communication materials and related elements.

The consistency with which these visual and verbal elements are used help to create an identity that is associated with trust which in turn increases the equity in the AeU brand.

A consistent and proper presentation of the AeU brand identity is essential for establishing identity awareness in local and international markets.


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AeU Brand Identity Guide